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There was once a little accent, shaped like a snowman's nose.
He was a cousin of the crescendo, which grows and grows and grows.
All around the music score, he'd happily hide away.
Waiting for the right time, to come out with a BANG!
But though he was always ready, to expose himself with pride.
All of the musicians, would just meanly pass him by.
All of the trumpets, the French Horns and the flutes,
The saxes, the clarinets, the trombones and bassoons,
Would never play his excellence, would never play him loud.
And so the little accent sank, no longer strong and proud.
With his tail between his legs, he snuck away to hide.
His ears flat back and head down low, he curled up and cried.
Now the very nice conductor saw that he was sad.
And because she loved the accent, she got very mad.
" You see now," she told the class of teenagers in band.
" You cannot just play past this guy,"
And with that she took his hand.
" The accent is just as important as dynamics and the beat. He gives the piece a little something more, brings the audience to their feet.
" So you see my students, the accent, you can't ignore."
And she put him back in his place and called,
" Let's play some more!"
So the band took up their instruments and began to play.
And when they reached the accent, their gusto made his day.
The little accent bounced around from note to note to note.
Feeling oh so happy, he felt like he could float!
So don't you ever pass the accent, no matter what you do.
Because he is just as important, as the tempo, me or you!

Poem by Hana Tzou.

See more poetry and a bunch of other music related extras at the!


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